Bus Townsville - Maryborough | Routes & Timetable Info

Bus Townsville - Maryborough

Are you looking for a bus from Townsville to Maryborough? The following companies could have a route with a stop close of the area of Maryborough. Aks them for a bus ticket to Maryborough.

Bus companies:

Greyhound · Veolia Transport Brisbane · Firefly Express

Bus ticket from Townsville to Maryborough Info: Bus station

At the bus station you can ask for information for your trip from Townsville to Maryborough about the bus timetables, the bus services, the routes and connections and the bus tickets from Townsville to Maryborough.

Townsville Bus Station:
Sunferries Terminal. The Breakwater. Townsville. QLD. 4810

Maryborough Information

Here is the address of Maryborough Bus Station. Now you can plan the best way to get at your hotel or accommodation.

Maryborough Bus Station:
Coach Terminal. Lennox St. old Railway Station. Maryborough

Townsville - Maryborough Bus Travel Info

*Approximate price, calculated based on the distance between Townsville and Maryborough, and the price per kilometer in Australia. Ask to the companies about a direct route an the exact fare.

Flights from Townsville to Maryborough: Airlines & Airport Info

Did not you find a bus from Townsville to Maryborough? Here is an alternative for the bus travel: A flight from Townsville to Maryborough.

Airlines Info:

Ask to the following companies for a flight from Townsville to Maryborough or to the nearest airport to Maryborough

Jetstar Airways · National Jet · Qantas Airways · Regional Express · Virgin Blue

Airport Info:

Main airport close to Townsville (Origin):
Brisbane Airport ICAO: YBBN, IATA: BNE Archerfield Airport ICAO: YBAF
Main airport close to Maryborough (Destination):
Brisbane Airport ICAO: YBBN, IATA: BNE Archerfield Airport ICAO: YBAF